Webinars, Rooms and Budgets

Many of us are working with tighter budgets these days. At Thrasos, we are always conscious with our clients’ money and work to find the best and most cost-effective ways to get the job done. Webinars, Rooms and other already built platforms and programs are a great solution for events where we may need more than a basic stream but don’t have the budget to go all out on a website, microsite or custom portal.

Last weekend, we got to put these skills and technologies to use in a special event for our own Cameron Yeary, one of Thrasos Media’s founding partners, who got hitched! The team was honored to produce the event so that friends and family near and far could join the celebration. Online weddings have been around for a while; we took it to the next level with a webinar. In doing so, we were able to control the experience for the wedding party and to greet and see each and every person attending the wedding. There were over 200 people viewing the event, and the ceremony was followed by more than 100 virtual face-to-face toasts and well wishes.

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