Streaming Basics

So, you need to stream an event. When you’re thinking about what you need from your streaming provider, there are a few key questions you should ask. We’ve put together a list with some details to help you choose the right one.

Do they have MultiViews, and are they equipped to do multiple set-ups for them?
A MultiView is a screen or feed that allows you to see a custom display of sources. Production MultiView will display all sources available to the streaming compositor. Presenter MultiView can include graphics, other presenters, and notes. Your streaming partner should be able to provide these at an ultra-low latency.

Does your streaming partner have the ability to record locally and remotely?
In other words, can they record on the machine that the webcam is on and the stream coming from that webcam to the compositor? The benefit of recording both is that if you need to fix something in post-production, you can. It’s very important for re-broadcast of events that are live-to-tape.

Do all of the presenters have proper mix-minus audio feeds?
This is something that is often overlooked, but it is critical to prevent feedback or an audio loop. Mix-minus feeds give the presenter an audio mix that does not include their own input/audio; instead, it features just audio coming from others.

Can your streaming partner provide a program audio feed over comm?
This is so that, no matter what, you have the audio in almost zero delay in the comm system for all technical personnel to hear. This is the best way to make sure that all cues and switching happen on time and cleanly without relying on a visual feed.

Do they have backup internet?
This requires an entire second company and method to get their connection. This can be a cable modem, bonded DSL or bonded cellular. Basically, it ensures the feed does not go down.

These are a few high points that we have found make life and the event easier. Remember its still a show, so try to think of it like one! The graphic below is a visual overview of the considerations for any streaming event. It’s a quick, 10,000-foot view of the basics ins and outs. From this vantage, you can drill down to the details.

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