Disguise with Universe

So in our time now with the Disguise platform we have learned many best practices and learned a lot of lessons. Here you can see some implementations of that knowledge and experience. A good amount of our clients want a complete and redundant system and we have in the past been burnt by the understudy process that Disguise employs. On other media server platforms, we almost always run complete independent control and playback systems, that way if one part fails you can make a complete swap over to a backup system that’s running in sync. This is pretty easy if you are using Sockpuppet for Disguise but more difficult if you’re doing timeline. So we have Universe sending and receiving OSC from both a main and a backup system and keeping them in frame-accurate sync. You can actually do a router or preset swap and not even see a difference. We even tested running audio from one master/manager and playback from the other to test the sync. Also, as you can see in the images, we’re using the backup to show all the GUI info you’d want for a show. However, if you are a Disguise user you know that this is actually very hard on the machine. Our master is almost running no GUI besides a timeline and the Multi Transport, and we can actually collapse both if needed and just watch the in-sync backup and our editor for the crucial info. This takes the GPU time and CPU time down to half of what you would see if you had these parts open during show.  We find this increases reliability and robustness dramatically.

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