Contribution Methods (getting feeds to the Studio)

In last week’s Tech Tuesday, we talked about what we consider one of the best ways to move presenters and feeds in and out of studios. This week, we want to talk about some other methods that are not always our preferred method but are sometimes necessary. We have now developed robust methods for getting presenters and their return feeds in and out of Zoom, Webex, MS teams and Skype. Now, are these the best ways to do this kind of work? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful tools to deploy when you encounter limitations. Sometimes you need to defeat a firewall issue. Other times, you might have a presenter’s computer that won’t allow certain websites or programs to be installed. Then of course you might be working within constraints related to corporate policy or security concerns. Whatever the roadblock might be, these issues are no longer a problem; we can custom-fit a solution and plan to make sure that all your contributors to an event can get into the studio one way or another. 

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