Cloud Studio with No Compromises

One of the requests our clients have made on the higher end is to have a virtual cloud studio without the compromises that we’ve been seeing. We want to have a professional studio, but we don’t want to risk gathering. So, working together with Amarani LLC, we’ve come up with a new high-end studio system. 

Switching System
– 8 Mixes / Outputs
– 44 Inputs with Keyers
– 4 Video Players
– Record ability for all inputs and outputs
Contribution System
– Web browser based and RTMP / SRT connections with large custom designs green rooms with as many or as few presenters as needed
Engineering Modules
– Routing so each member of crew / talent can choose what source they want to see when they want to see it
– Custom Multiviewers – as many as you want, designed how you want
External Audio Mixing
– Allows any custom mixes for program and talent returns, unlimited Mix-Minus buses
Broadcast Graphics System
– This is a true-state system that allows the ability to come and go from any graphic at any time with smooth animations. Also, tons of interactive data is available from all kinds of external sources. 
Virtual Studio Instances
– We can now have Unreal Engine in the cloud and do virtual camera fly-throughs and multi-camera all virtually

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